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Re.Think Talks/Employing a data-led approach to resilience

Does practice make perfect? Do countries become more resilient to disasters the more they experience them? Or does their resilience break down when disasters strike...

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Re.Think Talks/Human use of the ocean: Limit- and lawless?

COP27 SPECIAL: The seas are getting crowded. As commercial use of the ocean accelerates exponentially and climate change impacts worsen, marine ecosystems and coastal communities are...

WRITTEN BY Johannes Ernstberger
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Re.Think Talks/Facing a triple crisis: Food, climate and conflict

COP27 SPECIAL: Food insecurity, climate change and conflict are placing considerable pressure on the global food system. Inequality, access to land, access to nutrient-rich foods,...

WRITTEN BY Johannes Ernstberger
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Re.Think Talks/Imagining a resilient climate future through video games

COP27 SPECIAL: What if decision-makers could live through and feel the future consequences of climate change in action today? Would it influence their policy choices?...

WRITTEN BY Johannes Ernstberger
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Re.Think Talks/Water can make or break climate action

COP27 SPECIAL: Droughts, storms or sea water rise – climate change takes its form almost always through a change in water. But water is more...

WRITTEN BY Johannes Ernstberger
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Re.Think Talks/Succeeding with large-scale transformations

How can change be achieved at the scale, speed, and quality that is needed? And what capacities are required to navigate these transformations?

WRITTEN BY Sturle Hauge Simonsen
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Re.Think Talks/Who are the real experts of climate change adaptation?

All too often, solutions on the future of our planet are top-down and framed in an outdated North-South perspective

WRITTEN BY Sturle Hauge Simonsen
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Re.Think Talks/What does a healthy ocean really look like?

Science-based tools like the Ocean Health Index offer comprehensive assessments of the social, economic, and environmental conditions of an ocean

WRITTEN BY Sturle Hauge Simonsen
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Re.Think Talks/Carl Folke on resilience, the biosphere and the future of our planet

A special edition of Rethink Talks with one of the most cited researchers in the world.

WRITTEN BY Owen Gaffney
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Re.Think Talks/Communicating science in the age of the Anthropocene

How can we share and explain science in a world beset by fast change and a lack of trust? Can science fiction help?

WRITTEN BY Andrew Merrie