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Re.Think Talks/Who are the real experts of climate change adaptation?

All too often, solutions on the future of our planet are top-down and framed in an outdated North-South perspective

WRITTEN BY Sturle Hauge Simonsen
clock-icon 31 MIN READ

Re.Think Talks/What does a healthy ocean really look like?

Science-based tools like the Ocean Health Index offer comprehensive assessments of the social, economic, and environmental conditions of an ocean

WRITTEN BY Sturle Hauge Simonsen
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Re.Think Talks/Carl Folke on resilience, the biosphere and the future of our planet

A special edition of Rethink Talks with one of the most cited researchers in the world.

WRITTEN BY Owen Gaffney
clock-icon 32 MIN READ

Re.Think Talks/Communicating science in the age of the Anthropocene

How can we share and explain science in a world beset by fast change and a lack of trust? Can science fiction help?

WRITTEN BY Andrew Merrie
clock-icon 28 MIN READ

Re.Think Talks/Will the Ocean Science Decade help make our oceans healthy again?

The UN initiative is primed for impact but lacks funding. Will it work?

WRITTEN BY Andrew Merrie
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Re.Think Talks/Communicating the complex science behind the planetary boundaries

On June 4th, Netflix launched a documentary on the planetary boundaries. How can films like these explain complex scientific findings to a wide and diverse audience?

WRITTEN BY Amanda Wood
clock-icon 28 MIN READ

Re.Think Talks/In the SDGs, where have biodiversity and ecosystem services gone?

Despite evidence that biodiversity and ecosystem services are relevant to every single of the Sustainable Development Goals, they remain chronically undervalued and largely missing in targets set by the SDGs.

WRITTEN BY Sturle Hauge Simonsen
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Re.Think Talks/Making change and transformation really happen

Calls for transformation are popping up everywhere these days, but transformations are not easy or quick fixes. How can we make change happen?

WRITTEN BY Michele-Lee Moore
clock-icon 25 MIN READ

Re.Think Talks/The 2020 Human Development Report: resilience thinking and global development

After 30 years, why is the report still important? And how can resilience thinking contribute to new global development strategies?

WRITTEN BY Fredrik Moberg
clock-icon 26 MIN READ

Re.Think Talks/What it takes to make science and business connect

Science and industry have much to gain from working more closely together. But their methods and expectations can sometimes feel worlds apart. What makes them so different and what is needed to create more successful collaborations?

WRITTEN BY Sturle Hauge Simonsen