COP27 SPECIAL: The seas are getting crowded. As commercial use of the ocean accelerates exponentially and climate change impacts worsen, marine ecosystems and coastal communities are feeling unprecedented pressures. The ocean has been a source of food since the dawn of time, it facilitates our modern communication, transports our merchandise and is often perceived as a lawless, new economic frontier.

This episode’s guest, Jean-Baptiste Jouffray, who is a researcher at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, expands on the new ocean reality. He proposes that the ocean may not be as lawless as we think and that we need to ramp up investment and stewardship of the vast waters that are giving us so much. Your host for this episode is Annette Hertwig.

About Rethink Talks

Rethink Talks is Stockholm Resilience Centre’s podcast series on resilience thinking and global change. It spotlights conversations between experts on a range of topics that highlight how resilience thinking and biosphere stewardship add value to current debates.

This season of the podcast is a collaboration between the Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Resilience Hub, released during COP27.