COP27 SPECIAL: What if decision-makers could live through and feel the future consequences of climate change in action today? Would it influence their policy choices? And could gaming or virtual reality simulations help to prioritize action in climate adaptation and resilience building?

Video games have evolved beyond pure entertainment and now have the potential to reach a  global community of 3 billion people with climate resilience skills and promote behavioural change.

Today’s guests, video game consultant Chance Glasco and Rosemary Mann from the Arsht-Rock Resilience Center, share their experience in creating gaming technologies for world leaders. Your host is Annette Hertwig.


About Rethink Talks

Rethink Talks is Stockholm Resilience Centre’s podcast series on resilience thinking and global change. It spotlights conversations between experts on a range of topics that highlight how resilience thinking and biosphere stewardship add value to current debates.

This season of the podcast is a collaboration between the Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Resilience Hub, released during COP27.