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Feature/Taming the genie in the forest of the devil’s trees

Exports of argan oil from the forests of Morocco have boomed in the past two decades. But what impact has this had on the forests and the local communities who value them?

WRITTEN BY Lucas Laursen
clock-icon 19 MIN READ

Feature/Vil ki pa gen kanalizasyon pou matyè fekal

Kote bon jan asenisman pa rive, ansyèn pratik melanje ak nouvo teknik syantifik ka rive fè matyè fekal moun retounen nan latè ak anpil avantaj pou anviwonman ak degi. Gen yon pwojè an Ayiti ki pran devan nan vil ki pa gen sistèm kanalizasyon pou trete matyè fekal yo.

WRITTEN BY Chelsea Wald
clock-icon 10 MIN READ

Feature/Mongolian slums offer lessons for tomorrow’s sustainable cities

The ger district on the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar expands as more people move from rural areas in search of a better life. Booming urbanisation is poised to put a strain on shared resources, but a combination of local and global knowledge may be key to tackling this.

WRITTEN BY Lou Del Bello
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Feature/Cities without sewers

Where conventional sanitation is out of reach, old methods paired with new science can get human waste safely back in the ground, with environmental benefits and more. A project in Haiti is leading the way for cities without sewers.

WRITTEN BY Chelsea Wald
clock-icon 19 MIN READ

Feature/Moving from “doing less badly” to “sustainability”

It’s time to start thinking about development that benefits both people and the planet. It’s time to talk about transformation, and changing the way we change.

WRITTEN BY Marika Haeggman
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Feature/Disaster, hope, fear, and resilience in rural Puerto Rico

In the aftermath of hurricanes, the isolated rural communities in Puerto Rico were left to weather the damage and rebuilding alone. By returning to old ways and adopting new methods, they built stronger networks and sought deeper knowledge, inside and outside the US island territory.

WRITTEN BY Glynis Board
clock-icon 12 MIN READ

Feature/Farming with nature

Around the world, innovative agroecological farmers increasingly challenge the dominant industrial way of farming. Combining local and scientific knowledge, they put resilience thinking into practice to feed growing populations and cope with climate change, water scarcity, market volatility, and more.

WRITTEN BY Fredrik Moberg
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Feature/The many layers of Cape Town’s water crisis

More than half of the world’s cities already face recurring water shortages. Cape Town’s lack of water is a shock to many but also a result of slow changes. Beyond blame and technical fixes there lie insights into new ways of thinking about water.

WRITTEN BY Megan Lindow
clock-icon 11 MIN READ

Feature/Should nations close the high seas to fishing?

A radical idea to close the high seas to fishing could increase fish catch and revenue and improve climate resilience of coastal nations. But will it be on the menu of the United Nations High Seas Treaty?

WRITTEN BY Owen Gaffney
clock-icon 18 MIN READ

Feature/Turning desert to fertile farmland on the Loess Plateau

Soil is not just dirt but a living system with many important functions. Degraded soils impact on food production, erosion, and more, affecting the lives of people around the world. Restoration efforts in China, Zambia and other countries seek to reverse this trend.

WRITTEN BY Richard Blaustein