The age of humans is messing things up in many different ways. Not only is human pressure on the environment changing the earth system in unprecedented ways, trust in science is faltering while media and journalism remains fragmented. The consequence is a siloed world at a time when trust and collaboration is sorely needed. Science communication requires creativity, joy, perseverance, the courage to try something new and, actively finding ways to work around the weaknesses in the system.

In this episode, Andrew Merrie talks to Maddie Stone, a freelance science journalist and previously the managing editor of the Gizmodo Earther ‘Nature for Nerds’ blog. Her work has appeared in outlets such as Vice, National Geographic, Grist, the Washington Post, The Atlantic and more.

And Owen Gaffney, a sustainability communicator and strategist for organizations such as the Stockholm Resilience Centre, the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and the Global Commons Alliance. He is also part of the editorial board for Now This Earth, a new social media-based science news company.

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