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Andrew Merrie

After recieving his PhD in Sustainability Science in April 2016 at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Andrew joined the communications team and works in support of the GRAID (Guidance for Resilience in the Anthropocene – Investments for Development) programme. He is also responsible for SRC’s social media strategy and for developing a Massive Open Online Course on resilience and sustainable development, featuring centre research and researchers.


Articles (2)

clock-icon 27 MIN READ

Re.Think Talks/After COVID-19: imagining a safe and just future for all

Is a safe and just future for all still possible? What will it take to imagine and enact that kind of future?

WRITTEN BY Andrew Merrie
clock-icon 17 MIN READ

Commentary/Can science fiction reimagine the future of global development?

Why science-based fictional narratives can help us develop a more sustainable and equitable future for humanity on spaceship Earth.