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Fredrik Moberg

Fredrik is a communication advisor for the Stockholm Resilience Centre and director of Albaeco, an independent organisation communicating the latest in sustainability science, with a focus on nature's importance to society and its economy. He holds a PhD in natural resources management from Stockholm University, with a special emphasis on coral reefs.


Articles (4)

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Re.Think Talks/The 2020 Human Development Report: resilience thinking and global development

After 30 years, why is the report still important? And how can resilience thinking contribute to new global development strategies?

WRITTEN BY Fredrik Moberg
clock-icon 32 MIN READ

Re.Think Talks/While all eyes are on COVID-19, the Amazon forest is burning

While all eyes are on the COVID-19 pandemic, the Amazon forest is burning to the point of becoming a planetary emergency.

WRITTEN BY Fredrik Moberg
clock-icon 12 MIN READ

Feature/Farming with nature

Around the world, innovative agroecological farmers increasingly challenge the dominant industrial way of farming. Combining local and scientific knowledge, they put resilience thinking into practice to feed growing populations and cope with climate change, water scarcity, market volatility, and more.

WRITTEN BY Fredrik Moberg
clock-icon 18 MIN READ

Feature/Running out of reef resilience?

The world’s coral reefs are increasingly threatened by climate change and other human pressures. But it’s not too late to save them – and the livelihoods of the many communities that depend on them.